E109 is our Engine or Pumper Truck. If you see this truck going down the road we may be on our way to a fire of any kind or to an MVC.

E109 is a Rosenbauer pumper on a 2007 Freightliner Quad Cab chassis.  It was built by Rocky Mountain Phoenix of Red Deer, AB. E109 was put into service in 2008. 

E109 can transport 5 firefighters and has SCBA’s for four members. This pump can also spray a foam/water mixture. On E109 we carry a lot of hose lengths and nozzles to get water from a hydrant or a dugout trough the pumper to the fire. We also carry traffic safety equipment, ladders, brooms, shovels, axes, a portable pump, a fan, a chainsaw, and various other hand and power tools. E109 has generator driven lighting with two 500w telescoping lights mounted on the truck to illuminate an emergency scene.

On an emergency scene, E109 will be used for fire suppression. It is our main firefighting truck. It may possibly be used for traffic control at an MVC.

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