E402 is our Wildland Truck that is sometimes called a bush truck or a quick response vehicle. If you see this truck driving down the road we could be going to a grass fire, a structure fire or even an MVC.

E402 has a Lethbridge Truck Equipment service body on a 2008 Dodge 5500 Quad Cab chassis. It has a custom built hi-pressure water system from Rocky Mountain Phoenix mounted on the back of the truck. E402 was put into service in 2010.

E402 can transport 4 firefighters and has 2 SCBA’s for firefighting. We carry traffic safety equipment and a secondary medical kit on E402 as well as additional vehicle rescue equipment, brooms, shovels, and pike poles.

When we use E402 on an emergency scene it may be used to quickly put out grass fires or perimeter fire suppression at a structure fire. The 400 gallon tank with high pressure pump lets us fight a fire for a long time before we need to refill with water. This pump system has the capability to spray a foam/water mixture for improved fire suppression. E402 will also be used as a traffic control vehicle at an MVC.