R101 is our rescue truck that we take to almost every call. If you see this truck driving down the road we could be responding to a motor vehicle collision (MVC), a fire or as first responders to a medical call.

This vehicle is made up of a custom built truck body on a 1994 FORD E350 chassis. It was built by ITB (Intercontinental Truck Bodies) of Coaldale, AB. R101 was put into service in 1995. This is our oldest truck and we expect to replace it in 2013.

R101 can transport 6 firefighters as well as much of our rescue equipment. On this truck we carry our vehicle extrication tools like the “Jaws of Life”, hand tools, saws, cribbing (blocks to stabilize vehicles), traffic safety equipment and a portable lighting system. We also carry all of our medical equipment like First Aid supplies, oxygen equipment, an AED, back boards and blankets on R101.

When we go to a fire we will use the 4 SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) as well as the extra air tanks that we transport in R101.  When R101 is on an emergency scene it may get used as a space to provide medical care to a patient while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. We can also use the space for firefighter rehab (rest, water, and health monitoring) during a fire. The last use of R101 is as a command center. The officer in charge can assign and monitor firefighter task/jobs from R101 as well as access a phone, other emergency contacts, 2-way radio, dangerous goods information and maps.

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